Saturday, April 4, 2009

In the hospital

Friday April 2, 2009
We checked into Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix at 9 am. We sat in a transition room until about 2 p.m. while multiple doctors came to talk to us about what is going to happen. We were moved to the 7th floor and then told after a few hours that we would be moving to the oncology floor. At 6 p.m. we finally got settled into a room on the top floor, and meds will start around 9 p.m.

The medication they are giving me is a type of chemotherapy, and will be administered over 5 days. I won’t lose my hair or anything. Side effects are mild, nausea and maybe upset stomach. They are going to give me something for that, too. But because it is a type of chemo, an oncology nurse must administer it. The treatment is similar to treating cervical tumors. The dangerous part is the cervix is supplied by a major artery. The embryo is feeding off of that artery, and has recruited a number of other blood sources to feed itself as well. The major concern is acute bleeding. They want to stop anything before it gets bad (if I bleed) so that I don’t lose my uterus (clearly the ultimate goal). The meds work like an anti-folic acid, and should starve the embryo of nutrients. If it dies the way it is supposed to, my body will simply reabsorb it, and we can spend time healing for a few months. And yes, you read right, 5 days. So I will be here longer than we had originally thought.
What I have is so rare that a lot of different doctors are involved. Everyone has been very nice, and I have talked to a lot of people. I am a bit of a case study. I am the first cervical ectopic pregnancy for my fertility practice.
I didn’t get much sleep last night and have done a lot of nothing today, so I am tired. As soon as I get meds I am passing out. I don’t have internet, but can check e-mail on my phone. Jon is going to take my computer home each night and post for me so everyone can be caught up on what is going on.
Thank you to Paul and Marie for bringing Chinese and fresh faces. It was yummy, and a nice break.

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sallyc said...

Hey you ... I know praying isn't your thing, so just know we are sending lots of positive, loving, healing energy your way. We love you and hope you don't go mad being in the hospital for 5 days.