Tuesday, April 28, 2009

By the Numbers

I had a little breakdown at the oncology office yesterday. After an hour drive on an empty stomach, they couldn't get an IV in, and I blew a couple veins in my right hand. Today my hand has taken on an interesting leopard look, except the spots are more green and black and blue, and my skin pasty white. It's pretty hot. I was not looking forward to going back today. So in the waiting room, I sat down and began to think about everything that has gone on in the last 2 months. And I thought I would put together some interesting numbers about my life since February 11th, when everything started.
64: Number of shots I have had (all but 7 I gave to myself, or Jon gave me)
22: number of eggs removed from me
21: Number of blood draws
18: Number of Ultrasounds
16: number of eggs fertilized
13: Days I have missed work
10:Number of IV pokes (and at least 8 more to come, probably 13)
10: Number of Dairy Queen Blizzards I have eaten
8: number of eggs that made it to the blastocyst stage(5 days old)
6: number of fertilized embryos that are frozen, waiting for me
5: Number of knitting projects I have finished on my time off
3: Times I have cried
1: Number of roommates in the hospital who only had 2 months to live

What can't I count?
Times I cuddled with my cat
Number of naps
Moments I thought about my students and whatever poor soul was my substitute teacher
Fat cells that have formed in my body and muscle cells lost
Number of people who have shown me support
Times I have hugged my husband him and told how much I love him

Overall, I think I am pretty lucky. Now if this could just be over soon so I can have:
1: Healthy baby!!

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