Sunday, January 23, 2011

What has happened to me?

Every year I feel like I should write resolutions. For the first week of the year it is all people can talk about. A few years ago I wrote about my stance on goals, and though my opinion of goals hasn't changed, I don't think my ability to set goals has improved. When this school year started, I had a goal to be ahead of the game, and get grading done on time, and plan ahead, and blah, blah blah. Next thing I know, it is December and I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown with all the pile-up. Granted, I had a lot of personal stuff going on, but yet another goal that I can't seem to reach, and I crumble in self disappointment.
So come January, and during my sewing marathon, I spent a lot of time thinking about the new year. Not having kids has opened up an entire life that I hadn't quiet expected. So how do I begin sorting through all of that? Start small, I decided. Focus on finishing out the school year and having some sort of regular order to my everyday routine before I get crazy with big plans. My professional goal for the last 3 years has been to plan ahead, as opposed to my habit of planning on a daily basis. It has never happened, so I didn't put a lot of faith in it. Besides, After my last 8 weeks, I didn't really care about much of anything.
And then I bought that Christmas tree. Something happened. I had just done something ahead of schedule. Eleven months ahead, to be exact, and some switch in me was turned on. All of a sudden, I started my semester with grading done daily and lesson plans not only done, but completed 2 weeks in advance, and all my copies made, too. By being ahead, I have been able to plan efficiently, and when I leave work, it stays there. Which gives me time to run errands, and play. I don't know what is happening to me.  I am a whole new person. Happy New Year to me.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Yeah! I don't care that the lights don't work. Without lights, this tree is values at about $269, so I still got a screaming deal. I have tons of lights in my garage, so we will just add them ourselves. We are now the proud owners of a 7 1/2' Devonshire Fir. I haven't actually seen it set up, just in the box, so I know the branches are of good quality. The picture makes it look like the branches go to the floor, so we will need to lift it up a little, and may have an 8 foot tree in the end. There will always be a special place in my heart for my 5', $25 ACE hardware tree from Michigan. But I am super excited to set this up next year. Kind of stunk having to just bring it home and stick it in the garage. There were lots of trees for sale. Maybe I could get a bunch of sizes and decorate my home with different pines to cure my Colorado homesickness. Or maybe not. Either way, I have myself a slamming new tree for the holidays next year. Hooray!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I did........

Baby gift for a co-worker who I don't know that well, and don't like that much. But she is having a boy. So I made this elephant from the Heather Bailey pattern Effie & Ollie that I enlarged.
I spent my break doing what I wanted to do. I shut off my phone, and only opened my computer to play Farmville (yes, I still play, yes, I am bored with it, and no, I can't seem to stop). I ran errands, but and saw a few movies, but overall, tried not to leave the house. And in the process, I became a gift making machine. I know 6 pregnant ladies. They all need baby gifts. Different relationships require different levels of spoiling, however. And some of these ladies read my blog, so you can't see what I made them until after their showers. But I wanted to get it out of the way so I can spend my little spare time during the school semester working on things around the house. I have a pile of alterations, pillows for the bedroom that have been sitting on my desk for almost 2 years, and various other projects that I want to execute. All these babies keep getting in the way. So I got up early, and holed myself up in my craft room to bust out some gifts. I completed 4 projects for babies (couldn't make all 6 until I find out what gender 2 of them are), and I almost finished a quilt for my in-laws boat, my first queen size, which was a challenge. And made some jewelry with my new metal stamping kit, of course. Can't wait to show you all pictures! Stay tuned.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

(Image from Pet Shop Box Studio)
I don't usually consider the new year started until my birthday. I don't know if this is because it falls close to the new year, and on the first of the month, or because I usually hate actually celebrating New Year's because drunk people in public can be so annoying, or what. But this year, I will take it. 2010 really sucked. So here's to a new year, new beginnings, and new adventures. Bring it on! Happy New Year everyone!