Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I quit!

One of my goals this year was learn when to say enough is enough. So far, I have sucked at an opportunity to say no. I am a glutton for punishment, and tend to overextend myself. So today I did it. And I feel good about it. I quit my job. WHAT? I can hear my mom's jaw hitting the floor. My knitting job. I went to see the owner this afternoon, and just told her that it seems silly to even pencil me in when she can't see me for at least a month, and I can only work one evening a week. Waste of paperwork. I am going to still do her class schedule, and will still practically live there, I am sure. She offered me the opportunity to buy supplies wholesale for my classes, which is awesome, and I still want to be involved in the summer. We were talking about a summer camp called Kids Can Knit, and open the store early for a drop off. One healthy snack, and lots of fiber arts projects later, and parents can pick-up their kids mid-morning. We are thinking maybe 2 week sessions. That is right up my alley, will keep me out of trouble in the summer, and will still give me a paycheck.
On another note: For the first time in 2 months, I was able to bend at the waist without grabbing my thighs for support, and reach for my toes. Funny, I was always taught to reach for the stars. But I need a pedicure something serious..........

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shark attack

I went to San Diego for 3 days with my friend Jess. It was fabulous! Unfortunately, the sign was brighter than we were the first day and we were pretty badly burned. The next 2 days were spent under umbrellas and towels. All of this was fine of course, because after seeing a shark in the water, neither of us were all that jazzed to jump back in. Yes, a shark. I have dove with sharks, and regardless of the species, they still scare the crap out of you. When I saw it casually swim between us and the shore I freaked. I calmly told Jess there was a shark and to go in. I have never seen someone swim so fast, after clinging to me saying "where? where?!" As we arrived on shore, she was kind to point out that all she had to do was swim faster than me. Thanks Jess. Turns out they were leapord sharks, about 2-4 feet in length, that swim in schools of 6-8 (we were probably surrounded) and you can reach down and pet them. Right. And some guy still died from being eaten by a Great White 2 weeks before , and only a few miles up the coast. So I think I'll take my chances and head inland.
My back is still a day by day adventure. It seems to be getting better the closer I get to starting work. Though I am not remotely close to ready as far as my paperwork and classroom stuff, I can't wait to start. Mentally I am already there. Starts tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I feel like I have completely isolated myself. Wait, that is because I have. After having to cancel my trip to California, I was feeling pretty down and out, and believe me, you wouldn't have wanted to spend time with me. But I made it to Colorado. The turbulence on the plane was so bad that even the flight attendants weren't allowed to get up. Then the girl next to me lost her cookies during landing. My back was hurting terribly the whole trip and my view often looked like this while I even rode in the car lying down:
But I still made it to the Wool Festival in Estes Park. Sarah was kind enough to chauffeur my butt up there, and and I bought some beautiful yarn from Brooks Farm, a Texas company. There was a lot of livestock at the festival from sheep, to alpaca, llamas, goats, and angora rabbits. It was interesting to see alpaca and llama with show haircuts. But I have to say, these two were my favorites. I wonder what they looked like before shearing.
Since then, I have been trying to take it easy. My back still hurts, but I started working out with Jon to strengthen and rebuild. Now my whole body hurts, so my back just blends in. I still can't touch my feet easily, so watching me try to put on tennis shoes is pretty sad. Also, forget the summer pedicure. At least I can drive again, and can now sit up the whole day.
I am trying to get lesson plans done now, since 4 weeks were wasted. They are all in my brain, but I have to type up a lot of worksheets and organize everything into a logical learning order. Orientations starts the 28th, so I don't have a lot of time. Oh, and I took on a second job, which consumes some time too. Wait, what? A second job?! Yeah. Where was this opportunity 4 months ago, I don't know. But there is an incredible new knitting store opening in Scottsdale, and the owner and I really hit it off. She wanted me to be the store manager and she wants to expand, meaning I could have my own store in a year. Sadly, but honestly, I turned her down. I decided that I owe it to myself to teach because, well, I do. So I am going to work for her part time. Right now I am trying to come up with a class schedule for her first quarter, and will probably teach a few myself. Then I will work 2 days a week, after class, or on the weekend. It will give me a chance to see how business is going, and to see if I like teaching. Then I can make some bigger decisions in a year. I have had dreams of owning a yarn store. But I really think I found my calling in teaching. So I get to be part of both. which is really exciting. All of these things have made me busy, busy, busy. I am ready to get organized enough that I can live normal again, and socialize. I can't stand being trapped in this house all day.