Friday, October 30, 2009


I mentioned my new obsession with quilts. I took a 6 week class where we learned how to make 3 different quilts. I took it because I am going to teach the kids how to make quilts for charity this year. I wanted to reinforce what I thought I already knew about the process. My problem with quilts is that though I can appreciate the amount of work that goes into them, they have a tendency to be very country bumpkin. It was no surprise to me when I hated the ones in the book that we had to make for class. That was until I made them myself. It is all about the fabric. The first quilt, I have kept, and am not sure I could ever give away. It is adorable, but has its flaws as I readjusted to a long break from sewing. It has simple, subtle mistakes that no one else would probably notice. But being my first quilt, I have a little sentimental attachment to it.
The quilt below was the second quilt, which was my least favorite in the book. However, because I choose an adorable fabric combination, it ended up one of my favorites. It went to my friend Alexis who had an equally adorable baby girl last on October 13th.
Close up of the fabric:
The back, which I also loved.
This was the third quilt. At first, I was mad that the lady made me pick out so many different fabrics. It wasn't symmetrical enough for me. I used 9 different patterns, but there are 16 squares. It isn't divisible, and that bothers me. It took 2 hours to pick out the fabrics, but I thought I had done a great job. And I don't know what I think of 4 pointed stars. But after it all came together, I didn't want to give it up. But alas, I wrapped it up for my friend Amy who is due next month.
I am working on 2 quilts for friends having boys in December. I will post them as soon as I finish.
The only think I didn't like was following traditional quilt patterns. I can't wait to get more creative and explore some different design concepts. I want to take traditional concepts, and recreate the quilt. But in the meantime, I am just enjoying the sewing itself. More to come.........

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crowntail Beta

I walked into PetSmart yesterday for a simple purchase - cat litter. I walked out of there with a laser pointer for school (coincidently shaped like a mouse, but I needed it for Keynote presentations), fresh cat nip for my favorite feline, and three new friends. I was going to take my tank to school, but I am not sure they could handle the stress of traveling back and forth a lot during breaks. So I placed them in my new creation studio, by the window so they can watch the birds, too, if they are interested. And the cat loves to watch them swim. One is white with blue spots, one is dark blue with red fins, and one is an iridescent turquoise blue. I need help with names. I hate things like Larry, Curly, & Moe, or Huey, Dewy, & Lewy, so don't even go there. Any suggestions?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birdfeeder wanted

Dear Santa,
I love birds, and the one window next to my desk has a great big yellow bell bush that the birds and critters love. We see all sorts of hummingbirds, finches, chickadees, and lizards. My cat and I could sit there for hours and watch. Next on my Christmas list, to complete my creation studio room is a bird feeder or two to place between the bush and the window. They would have to stick in the ground, or hang on the wall because the bush isn't strong enough to hang anything from. But if you want to start your holiday shopping early, and you happen to be out shopping for me, here are some suggestions as far as look:
This one could double as a feeder, or a bath. If I had 2, I could have one of each.
This one is kind of creepy, but I am wildly attracted to it:
And for the hummingbirds:

Creative Space

This summer I spent some time re-doing my creation studio. Yes, that is what I call it. It is supposed to be a living room. Which it is, because I practically live in there. If I am not doing lesson plans, I am creating. Part of my brief blog hiatus could be accredited to my new obsession with quilting. I forgot how much I love to sew, and how quickly you can get a finished product. But after thinking about it, it isn't just about sewing, it is about finishing. I have a million projects that I have bought supplies for, and they have been sitting for, well, let's be honest, some have been in the cabinet for years. So in my re-model, I wanted to do something to the room that would inspire me. I started with paint. That room has been a half a dozen different colors, and I have never been 100% comfortable. I have finally fallen in love with a pale lime green. It compliments the orange tones of all my wood furniture. I then cleaned, and re-organized. I discovered all sorts of things I didn't realize I had. I concluded that part of my problem is that I don't know what is behind the cabinet doors. I need to be able to see what I have in order to invent and create. A lot of the re-organization process was placing materials into fun containers. I found some old tea tins and colorful pots, glass jars and votive holders, etc. that have just been sitting in cabinets in other rooms. What better way to put them to use? Beads are now in clear containers (instead of a giant tackle box) and placed on shelves. I converted some old CD towers into fabric racks, and yarn holders, and pot notions into pots, tins, and vases. I then decided to inspire myself with "things". These "things" are knick knacks and wall art that my husband hates around the rest of the house. Perfect. Mainly, I brought out the bird decorations. I am still on the hunt for an antique birdcage for side table that I can use as another container for fabric or yarn, or even my favorite books. I also put some fabric into some needlepoint hoops and hung them on the wall, and I think they look quite adoreable. There are 2 chairs that my mother in law gave us when we moved here that are just begging to be recovered with something wonderful. I have a leather couch in there right now that I hate, and will promptly need to get rid of. But it needs a good leather polish and buff first.
I am now wildly inspired, and couldn't spend enough time in there during my days. I start to get cranky if I can't spend time in there. Just as I cross something off my list, something new comes to mind. I love, love, love it! Pictures don't do it justice, of course. Come over and create with me. It is a great environment for bonding.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Girly night

I realize I haven't posted in a month or 2. Every night when I go to bed, I replay the day, and think of how my blog would go. But I never seem to make it to the computer. Yet I have tons of time to check Facebook every night. Go figure.
But tonight I had really fun night, and I have felt giddy ever since I walked in the door. I went to Sepohra and got a make over. I bought tons of make-up that I hope I can figure out tomorrow, ang ogt a free gift for enlisting in their frequent shopper program. A girl loves free gifts. I felt sassy when I left. Then I went to a free styling session at my hair salon where they took a bunch of women and taught us how to style our hair. Sounds kind of lame. I mean, I am thirty something, you would think I would know what I was doing by now. But I don't. They sat us in chairs and taught us techniques on curling and back combing, and then we did it ourselves. And then, more free gifts! I received some really nice bobbin pins (who knew there was a difference?) and a special comb for ratting height into my hair. I went home with a super fun look, and was only sorry that I didn't buy that great purse at Banana Republic between activities. Maybe tomorrow...... You will have to keep your eye out for me, you may not recognize me. I look like a rock star.