Sunday, April 5, 2009

In the hospital, day two

I had a couple breakdowns last night. Every time I laid down I cried. I was exhausted, but the water works wouldn’t stop. Besides the overwhelming support of everyone, and knowing what great people I have surrounded myself with, I couldn’t figure out why I was crying. I think it is the not knowing. Sitting around all day thinking about everything certainly did not help. Once I got my medication, I was ok. I didn’t get my meds until about 10:30 p.m. They said they would try to get my meds a few hours each night to get my check-out time earlier by Tuesday. The anti-nausea medication made me sleepy. Jon stayed with me last night (there was a cot in the room), which I didn’t ask of him, but secretly was relieved for.

My principal also called yesterday to check in. He hated to bring up the subject, but he needed to let me know that because of budget cuts, all first year teachers do not have a contract at this time for next year. The good thing is that I teach a stand alone curriculum and they are going to fill those positions first. So there is a good chance I have nothing to worry about. But technically, I am unemployed after June 30. All in all, a long day.

Today was boring, but relaxing. Jon left early in the morning to take care of some things at home. I bet the cat was starving. I had a couple doctors visit me early. I got a shower, and just as Jon arrived with one of the most beautiful bunch of flowers I have ever seen, we were told I would be switching rooms. I now have a roommate. Bummer. But she sleeps a lot from her medications. I expect a lot of visitors tomorrow so I hope not to bother her. I told Jon to go home around 4. We were both sitting here falling asleep from not having slept great the night before. It seemed silly that he couldn’t nap in the comfort of his own home. I had plenty to keep me busy. I have to do lesson plans, mainly. Jon needs to take it home, print it, and take it in Monday morning.

So all in all, a very slow day. As long as I stay not really bleeding, I will continue to have uneventful days. And I do have the Game Show Network, which I don’t have at home. I am loving it.


Miggy said...

Hey lady- glad to hear you're OK. Frazzled, but OK.
Is there anything else I can do?

Veronique said...

Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and hoping for an uneventful (no bleeding) and a speedy recovery. HUGS! Veronique

Cynthia said...

Remember to call on us for help, whatever you need. Your friends want to help. Just tell us what you need.