Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Still going

I would love to write about something other than chemo. But when it seems to run your life, what else is there to write about? I was really hoping to hear from the doctor's office this week and have them tell me that my hormone levels were at zero. But to no avail. I am not sure what to do next. I am in the middle of a round, and my hormone levels will probably be at zero when I have my blood test tomorrow. My doctor wants me to complete one full round at that point. But my schedule won't allow it. I have classes to take. I haven't been allowed to leave town, or do anything else I want for the last 9 weeks, and I am done with it. So I think I am going to make the executive decision to make this round my last round. I may do another 1/2 round next week, that I can do. But if my levels are at zero, I don't think I need the "just in case". I am a healthy individual who has had it. Then I can talk about more exciting things. And that is my plan.
In the meantime, I start school tomorrow as a student, out to complete 15 credits in 5 weeks. I am going to be a busy girl with a lot of studying. But everything I need to renew my teaching certificate will be completed in one full swoop. So when I do eventually get pregnant, I don't have to worry about my teaching certificate that expires in December. All the classes I am taking are Career and Technical Education classes which will be very beneficial to me. Now that I have a little experience under my belt, I can reflect on why things did or did not work for me through my lessons, and plan for an even more successful year. I get to take July off which will be for fun and a mini vacation to Monterey for a wedding. I can't wait for life to go on.