Monday, December 27, 2010


I didn't want to sound too materialistic on Christmas. But I love "stuff." And this Christmas was filled with great stuff.
I didn't get much that I didn't love. That is the benefit of making a list. I am so excited, that I have to share my favorites with you.

1). I gave Jon an iPad. I don't even have to explain to you how cool it is. We have played a ton of games (including a few of my favorites - Family Feud and Price is Right) and Jon has read a million books already. But I am more geeked about what he gave me - Nikon Monarch Binoculars. Yes Binoculars. For birdwatching, of course. I love them. I am working on making a strap. More to follow.

2.) iPod Shuffle and BOSE headphones- I currently take my iPod Classic with me everywhere I go. I listen to it in the car, in the classroom, play Tetris and Solitare on it, have my calendar and contacts, etc. Jon calls me his little Cyborg. But the one place I hate it, is at the gym. It weighs a ton. And though I feel strong with it strapped to my arm, it becomes a nucence after 30 minutes on the treadmill. What I wouldn't give for a practically weightless Shuffle! And now I have one. It is perfect for my Workout playlist and a little extras. In addition, last year I broke my BOSE headphones that allowed me to rock out without outside noises and distractions. Those were also replaced, so I can really tune out the bad music at the gym. Yes!

3.) Metal Stapming Kit (from Beaducation)- I mentioned it before, and I acted on it. I love my new metal stamping kit. I have made a few necklaces and am working on tons more. It may be a new obsession. If you are a friend, expect gifts. You are all guinea pigs to my masterpieces. I am having so much fun, I asked for more stuff to accompany it for my birthday. Again, more to follow.

And though I know that Christmas is supposed to be about a lot of other things, I equally enjoy the stuff that gets exchanged. Hope you got tons of stuff you enjoy, too!

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