Monday, December 20, 2010

Honoring Cindy

I have this amazing group of women as friends. They all know each other from college, so there is a lot of history there, and they have accepted me with open arms into their lives. There are so many things I love about them individually and as a group. My favorite part is the way they support each other, and never judge. Each of them have gone through similar and different life experiences that enrich their relationships.
One of these people is Cindy. Cindy is amazingly dedicated to volunteer work. She has started 2 non-profit companies, Employee Reach which helps companies set up volunteer  opportunities for employees, and Phoenix Volunteers, which gives volunteers a chance to view and sign-up for various non-profit organization events in the valley. Two years ago, Cindy donated her kidney anonymously to save the life a boy, and has been recently been nominated for the Giraffe Heroes Project for sticking her neck out for the greater good.
Last Saturday, on the 2 year anniversary of her kidney removal surgery, the group got together to surprise and honor Cindy for her achievements and influence over the community, and for the Giraffe Heroes nomination. In Cindy style, we spend the evening participating in a service project. We put together snack bags for kids at the Chandler Christian Community Center Operation Santa Event. It was rewarding on a variety of levels. Love and Kudos to Cindy, and everyone who supports her!
Putting together snack bags
Cindy getting crafty (which she thinks she isn't good at, but she did a great job)
Kelly, Veronique, Me, Nicole, Cindy (photo taken by Alexis, who should have had Ben take the picture, and Amy had already left, but she should be in it, too!)


Cynthia said...

I adore you, cutie.

Erika S said...

Way to go, Cindy! You sound like quite the dedicated volunteer coordinator. Your award is much deserved!