Friday, March 15, 2013

Crash and burn

Maybe I should be blogging at night. Because yesterday I crashed and burned a little. I took a ride to the grocery store on my bike in the record breaking heat of the day yesterday - 92 degrees (looks like Satan wants to bust out his playground early this year), and around 4:30 I was feeling faint, shaking, blurred vision. I could barely hold a conversation with my husband. And so I ate some tilapia. And it was awesome. I ate it with my dinner smoothie, and it took about an hour to kick in. But I felt much better. And I don't feel the least bit guilty about it.

You can, however, imagine how surprised my husband was when he walked into the kitchen this morning and I was making a smoothie for breakfast, with kale none the less. But today, I start the Paleo diet which is basically only things a caveman would eat: fruits, vegetables, and proteins (lean preferred). Seeds and nuts are ok, legumes are not. This is fine by me. While I will miss black beans, I can't stand the texture of most other legumes and I already hate peas so..... For those of you peanut lovers out there (again, I am allergic), peanuts are a legume so they are also out. Only natural sugar like honey and maple syrup (no, not Aunt Jimima) are in. Alcohol is discouraged, but they say if you have to do it some are better than others. Red wine is recommended. Thank goodness.

So a smoothie with flax seed (one of my favorites), kale, and mixed fruit isn't totally off base. I added almond milk and a little almond butter to the mix, and actually really enjoyed it. I think being another pound lighter this morning and waking up with a little energy helped motivate me to not totatly hate a smoothie. That being said, I am super excited to eat lunch - Baked Eggs in Avocado, minus the toast and bacon, add homemade salsa. I also know that I have book club tonight with my girlfriends, which usually means a lot of eating. I already know the evening menu and want to make sure I plan around it. The biggest challenge I will face this evening will be not over-eating. There is one thing I feel I have to constantly remind myself of is that it is ok to go to bed a little hungry. I also have a great running workout planned today, that I may do this morning if I can get my butt in gear before it is too hot, and a date with the gym at 2 for weights with my husband.

I wish Spring Break would never end.........

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