Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thought I could dodge it.

After 2 official days of rest last weekend when everyone left town, work started again on Monday. I could have used 2 more days. I am glad to be in a routine. But I am tired, and have a cold. I thought for sure I would not get sick this year because kids wash their hands so much in my classroom. And, of course, whatever I caught, I caught on vacation, and it hit on Monday. Figures. Could the weekend and no alarm clock arrive any faster?


Cynthia said...

I swear by COLD-EEZE. They are homeopathic lozenges that, if I take them right at the first signs of a cold, and I am consistent about having one every 4 hours (I set my alarm at night) then they really work to either eliminate the cold, or make it a lot less worse than it could have been. They can be found in the grocery store. However, you really have to take them IMMEDIATELY when you first sense a cold coming on.

Good luck. Hope you feel better soon.

Lexy said...

Hope you feel better soon.