Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where can I get....?

Wow, I know. No post for months, and now 2 in one day. I guess boredom has officially kicked in.
Last night I recorded a new show on TLC. This afternoon when it was too hot for birds, but not for lizards, I decided to go in and watch the train wreck that I was sure would become one of my new favorite shows. This show is called Toddlers and Tiaras. Yes, that's right, an entire hour of little Jean Benets that compete for the Grand Supreme title and a crown bigger than my head. One little girl had won 83 tiaras. She was 6 years old. I totally wanted to be one of those girls when I was younger, and now I get to see how it all happens. I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen, and added it to my Tivo season pass manager so I will never miss another episode. I still can't seem to curl my hair wiithout it looking like a fuzzy halo, so the hairpieces alone were mindboggeling. And after 3 days of napping on teh couch (I can't seem to get enough sleep), I decided to take a shower. I am sure Jon was thrilled.
I love days when I don't have any obligations, they are perfect for experimenting. So I decided to put my hair in curlers, and see if I could spend the evening with big Texas hair, even though we are going out to dinner with some friends of Jon's parents. Bold, and hilarious.
Here's the thing though. My hair won't dry on these curlers, so in the past I have resorted to a neat hair drying thing that my grandmother gave me when I was a kid. Why I still have it, I don't know. But you hook it to the end of the hair dryer, turn it on, and you look like someone straight out of the 1950's hair salon.

And then something dreadful happened. I ripped it. And I cried. I actually cried. My grandmother gave me this. And I can't put tape on it because when the plastic heats up it could melt the tape glue.
And my hair will never dry with these curlers in. Here is my question. Do they still make these things? Where can I get my hands on another one? And what the heck is it called? Anyone know a hairdresser who can answer this question?


La Gitana Que Viaja said...

These are called "bonnet" hairdryers...sometimes "soft bonnet" hairdryers. This differentiates them from the hard bonnet ones that you sit under. I may have logged some time under one of these myself.

Cara S said...

Thank you Kelly!! I went on ebay and found tons of options. Really, all I need is the cap, I don't need the whole dryer contraption. I am so excited to know they are still available.

Cynthia said...

I love the pictures! Cracks me up.