Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ahhh.... Sweet vino

Yup, that is right. I have a large glass of red wine in my hand. On this brisk chilly winter day, nothing warms you up like a nice glass full of tannins. WHat?! You can't drink when you are pregnant. Exactly.
I had a blood test this morning, and my numbers dropped to 216, which is a lot in just a couple days. This is good, it means the pregnancy hormones should leave my body quickly. We will get back on track after I have 2 negative pregnancy tests one week apart apiece, and a "natural" period. (Which I don't typically have so we will see how that plays out).
In the meantime, I can get serious about losing those 10 pounds I wanted to lose before I got pregnant. And I am due for another laser hair removal treatment, which also can't happen if I am knocked up. My list of things to do is quickly filling up before the next round. Nothing but time on my hands.
I am quite relieved that the situation is ending this way. I would much rather a miscarriage happen naturally, and organically than have to terminate another pregnancy with months of chemicals (I do enough of that trying to get pregnant). To me, this is the way to go. I will be all the wiser to more potential road blocks in the next round. I also think there was also another great lesson that may have finally sunk in (after years of receiving this lesson), and that is how to keep my mouth shut. I will let you all know in the future once I have had an ultrasound and have a solid confirmation that things look positive. I realize that until a baby is born, and healthy, there is no right time, or safe time to announce anything. But in the future, I may wait until at least 8 weeks to say anything. It won't be anything personal. I just get tired of repeating myself.
So there you go. I gotta run, my glass is empty! :)


Lexy said...

When is your last day of school before break? Let's plan to have several glasses of wine together - it's been way too long :) Thinking about you!

Veronique said...

I'm sorry, but relieved that it is happening without all the craziness of chemo. Here is a lesson I learned several years ago, which is the other side of your lesson. If you don't let people know that you are pregnant and excited, then you won't have people to lean on when something like this happens. So, go ahead, lean. HUGS to you!

Miggy said...

Glad it was the best of the worst case scenarios. Here's to the glass being half full {of wine}!

La Gitana Que Viaja said...

Let's figure out a way to have a virtual glass of wine--until then, I'll tip my glass to the west.

Cynthia said...

I agree with Veronique, honey, but you do it however you want to. Our support is unconditional.