Friday, May 2, 2008

Getting over Heidi

There is something about the Hills that I can't get over. I love the show. I can't wait to watch it on my Tivo the next day. I am over thirty and still glued to my MTV. I know the acting is poor (wait, acting? I thought this was reality TV?), and I know the script isn't all that great. But there is at least one line every show that I crave to hear, and can't stop pondering until the next episode. Is it normal to feel Lauren's hostility and completely understand it? I wonder if every girl has had these same experiences, and if they too, thrive to see someone else go through it and see how she handles it, and what could I have done differently. I ridiculously rehash old friendships in my brain through the entire show, and feel my heart go through a whirlwind of emotions that I thought were long and buried. One wise friend told me that it sounds like I need to forgive myself for some things I can't get over. I know she is right, and am working on it. But is it silly that I am using the Hills to help me with it? I dread the day the show goes off the air. It is my most favorite (and cheapest) form of therapy, and a guilty pleasure. I crave it. It heals me. Rock on Lauren. And Spenser, well, he'll always be an a*&hole. I don't need Lauren to see that.


La Gitana Que Viaja said...

Two words: Gilmore Girls
Three words: One Tree Hill.
Four more: America's Next Top Model.

Lexy said...

And I have two more works GOSSIP GIRL!! I love these shows - guilty pleasures :)

miggy said...

I used to be up on this show when it was Laguna Beach...we get like 15 channels and thus out on some of these cultural phenomenons...BUT I don't think it's weird to use another medium (TV) to sort through your own long as you know the difference from TV and your reality (which you do). I just hope none of these old issues have to do with me...we're good right? :) Also, I'm glad to see Gilmore Girls up there...I just finished Season 1 disk 1 last night. Hope I like it.

Cynthia said...

Don't watch these shows but am sending you hugs cuz I've been sad about broken friendships from long time past. Wasn't until a year ago when I finally found peace with it. It took figuring out me not forgiving them.